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What is EDUCASA?  EDUCASA is a national home buying program

Is EDUCASA a “lead service”?  NO.  EDUCASA is a “community based” home buying program.  Our primary mission is to provide a tangible benefit to teachers and other local public servants that contribute greatly to the communities in which we live.  We do not EVER sell leads.

Are EDUCASA buyers pre-approved?  YES.  When buyers are assigned to our Agent Partners, they are completely pre-approved.  In most cases, our preferred lender has already collected their documents and obtained a DU/GUS approval. 

Do buyers have to purchase HUD homes? NO. Buyers may purchase any home on the market.  

What is the cost to register?

  • Basic Agent Partner: FREE

  • Preferred Agent Partner: $50.00 per mo. co-op fee (or $500 per yr.) 

What is the difference between Basic and Preferred Agent Partner? The three main differences between a basic Agent Partner and a “Preferred Partner” is:


  1. Preferred Partners have an “exclusive” zip code and have the option to secure one additional zip code.  Basic Agent Partner’s zip codes are not exclusive to them.

  2. Preferred Partners are legally allowed to market EDUCASA services in their exclusive zip code, whereas Basic Agent Partners are prohibited from marketing EDUCASA services and may only receive referrals.

  3. Preferred Partners only pay 15% referral fees to EDUCASA; Basic Partners pay 30%.

Does a Preferred Agent pay referral fees on their own buyers? NO.  If a buyer or seller is obtained through the Realtors own marketing efforts within their exclusive zip code, the above referral fees shall be waived. Realtor pays NO Referral Fee to EDUCASA on buyers or sellers that:

  • Listed the Realtors name on the registration page, or

  • Listed the Realtors name on the application, or

  • The Realtor registered the client on the EDUCASA website

  • At least 1 of these 3 things MUST occur for the referral fee to be waived.

Can I only market inside my selected zip code? NO.  Your exclusive zip code is where you may visit schools, police stations, doctor's offices and other locations to promote EDUCASA services.  You may still market to your friends, family, personal client list, social media circle and personal sphere of influence.  You may not market to schools and other locations outside of your selected zip code.  

How does the grant program work?  The grant comes from 3 sources:

  • Agent Partners - All Agent Partners, Basic and Preferred, agree to rebate 20% of their brokerage commission to the buyer to go towards their closing cost.

  • Preferred Lender – Our preferred lenders agree to rebate up to $750.00 towards the buyer’s appraisal.

  • Preferred Title Agency – Our preferred Title Agency agrees to provide discounted title services to the buyer. (as permitted by law and filed with individual state agencies)

Are Agent Partners required to rebate 20% on every deal?  NO.  Under federal law, rebates may only be applied towards closing cost, not down payment.  So, if a seller agrees to pay all or part of the buyers closing cost, the rebate may be reduced to be in compliance and in some cases, may be reduced to zero.  Otherwise, all agents must participate in the grant rebate. 

Do I need to use your Preferred Lender?  YES.  We have an established relationship with two outstanding major lenders which that have agreed to provide discounts to all of the service professions we work with.  They provide our buyers with excellent service and on-time closings.  They offer all conforming products, including FHA, VA, USDA and conventional.  While the buyer is not required to use our preferred lenders, they may not receive the same level of service and pricing from other lenders.


Are Basic Agent Partners permitted to advertise and market EDUCASA?  NO.  Basic Agent Partners may receive pre-approved buyer referrals but are prohibited from marketing EDUCASA services under federal trademark and copyright law.  (

Are Preferred Agent Partners permitted to advertise and market EDUCASA? YES.  Preferred Agent Partners may market EDUCASA services in their selected zip code(s).  In addition, they may also market these services to their existing client base and social media circles.  Print advertising outside of the Agent’s selected zip code is not permitted. 

What are other benefits of being a Preferred Agent?  Benefits for Preferred Agents include:

  • No referral fees on your registered buyers.

  • Reduced referral fees on EDUCASA referrals. (Unregistered Buyers)

  • Exclusive right to market your zip code.

  • Exclusive right on all pre-approved buyer referrals in your zip code.

  • Priority on pre-approved buyer referrals near you. (in unclaimed zip codes.)

  • Turnkey marketing program for your zip code.

  • Free customized flyers. (PDF)

  • Free program training. (online)

  • Quick Start Guide

  • Eligible to be featured on the website – reviews page.

  • Option to have second zip code.

  • Eligible to participate in EDUCASA Listing Program.

How many pre-approved buyers can Preferred Agents expect per month? Since EDUCASA is not a lead service, we do not guarantee any number leads.  One closing per year more than covers the cost of being a Preferred Agent.  However, the Preferred Agent program is designed for Realtors who want to engage in marketing activities to these service professions, by visiting schools, police and fire stations, etc, in their chosen zip code.  We provide free printable flyers with your picture and info.  Agents who take this approach and work the area, will typically pick up a lot of new business and referrals, while helping the community at the same time.  We are only looking for Preferred Partners that want to actively engage their community.  That is why we make the zip codes exclusive. 

How do I register?  To register as a Basic Agent Partner of Preferred Agent Partner, CLICK HERE to return to the previous page, or you may use one of the links below:


What if my question is not on the list?  No problem.  You may reach us at with any questions.