In 1999 we came to the United States with our parents, like many immigrants, looking for a better life and the pursuit of the AMERICAN DREAM.

We’ll never forget that ride from JFK Airport to Paterson, NJ: the lights; the noises the smell.

We witnessed our family’s struggle first hand; our uncles asking us to translate documents and letters for them, our cousins signing up for college only to attend remedial English courses, our neighbors working two to three jobs just to barely survive.

Our mother always pushed us to aim high. 

Giorgio went to college while working in Real Estate and at a local ice cream shop and later served in the US Army for 6 years getting out as a Staff Sergeant. Manuel worked third shift as a supervisor while pursuing two college degrees.

At the end we found ourselves with a successful multi-state insurance brokerage, a thriving frozen dessert business – YES, we know how to make GELATO – a Real Estate portfolio and other investments, but we still didn’t feel fulfilled.

Then in 2009, as the Real Estate market crashed, we noticed that the ones affected the most in the areas where we worked were those in the Hispanic community; victims of unscrupulous and deceiving individuals who took advantage of their lack of education.

We believe in the power of EDUCATION and INFORMATION.

EDUCASA started with one-on-one meetings with our clients, expanded to small gatherings and developed to what today is one of the most successful Hispanic Community out-reach programs.

Realtors, Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys, Business Owners, Companies and Professionals from many industries have joined forces with EDUCASA since that summer in 2009 and we are now spread in many states throughout the US.

We want to help the Hispanic community make informed decisions so that they can advance in life and take advantage of every opportunity that this amazing country has to offer and to build wealth for generations to come.

This is why we created EDUCASA

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Giorgio Klinar & Manuel Klinar | Founders, EDUCASA